About Us

 LBM was founded by William Long and Nicholas Bellanca in 1972. 
Unhappy with the methods of their previous employer, Bill & Nick set out to create an environment to foster successful business.
At their direction; LBM focused on providing the best representation to their Principals and for their Customers.
The company flourished and grew.

Kevin Weiner and Paul Weiler purchased the company in 2004 with a vision to continue the bedrock principles that built the company .  As a company we continuing to evolve to meet the needs of those that we serve.

LBM possesses the necessary technology to continue on into the next century and the flexibility to adjust to the needs of our business partners. 
LBM provides the best combination of old world know how and adaptability to serve the needs of the changing business environment.

We are grateful to the founders for the blueprint they provided.

LBM continues to be a stable, strong company providing expertise in sales, marketing and service to the Grocery, Wholesale, Convenience and DTR trade in the Upstate New York market.